Story about Loscika, frogs, trees and birds


My name is Vesna Kitthiya and I draw stories. I also design wildlife friendly gardens for my clients as professional landscape architect with uni degree from Department of Landscape Architecture of Biotechnical faculty at University in Ljubljana. I do it in a specific way, but this is the other topic.

Loscika is the old local name for wild green apple Malus sylvestris. 

I have a passion for old words from my dialect in the North Eastern Slovenia, the funny place called Prlekija. That's why this specific name. 

Here in the countryside I run a small 'gallery' with my stuff and you can visit it in person if you want. Time to time I run various creative workshops (drawing, architecture, garden plants for sustainable garden design) - feel free to ask. I also maintain wildlife friendly garden with few ducks, hens, guinea pigs, cats, plenty of wild birds and hedgehogs. So far I have recorded more than 40 bird species on the property, including some very interesting ones like hoopoe, Eurasian scops owl, golden oriole, pink starling to name a few.

We also have resident frogs, toads, snakes, fireflies, bats, moles and sometimes we get fox and pine martens. Mainly I grow native trees and shrubs to encourage biodiversity at the spot. Year 2023 started with a tragic event, when stong wind had wrecked havoc to our garden. So now the garden is going through some serious change and it takes a lot of energy from me, beacuse it's so difficult to say bye to a few old trees which are older than myself. I keep as much as I can and try to do least harm possible. It's very emotional time. However, this is still garden, not forest and some degree of maintanance is necessary for the safety - we can no longer count on reliable climate. Winds are very frightening recently. And all old gardens are now under threat from climate change. Some trees have simply become unable to withstand it and their health is deteriorating rapidly. 


As you see, inspiration for my work comes mostly from nature and life. That's why the domain name is Frog under green apple. My Chinese name is Wa Song Na and it means 'frog singing in the tree'. Frogs and trees are connected to my life at many levels.

More specifically: since 2012 I have initiated amphibian rescue action here in our village with small group of dedicated volunteers and we save about 10000 amphibians each spring. You're welcome to join us.

Thank you for being a good human being and caring soul.Loscika gallery